Are not dreams just wonderful?.Its the vicarious feeling that makes it so enigmatic.It makes you go through all the various emotions sometimes in a span of just minutes. Some of them make sense some of them are totally out of line and sometimes makes us wonder if we have completely lost it!!!(believe me thats happened to me so many times).Some of them are just down right hideous while some of them are just hilarious with a capital H (once i got up in sleep and started acting like i was writing an exam and asked my mom for extra paper!!!!).

However some dreams are a few inches close to reality.Those are the rainbows that we can infact catch.They are those which tell you what u really want.Its those dreams that we should may be pursue but are just too skeptical to.Many a time our heart gives us the right answer when our head is still searching for various other possibilities.The sheer spontaineity with with the answer hits you surprises u,infact makes u wonder if infact it is the right thing to do.At the end it turns out to be the best decision u could have ever dreamt of.But y are we so reluctant to follow our heart? Most of us are. I for one sure am. But why? i have asked this question a million times to myself.

Its maybe the agnostic within us.The skepticism that we have towards doing anything aberrant.I think its the fact that we are not able to logically deduce a particular solution is what scares us.Its just that we wouldn be able to explain how this particular solution came up.But those who have the guts to just follow their heart ultimately realize that it was not a futile attempt after all.

Maybe in life we do not always have answers.Why should we be able to answer anything and everything.Cant there be a few things for which there need not be answers?Cant some situations obviate reasoning? Cant we sometimes just do what our heart tells us to do,without worrying a million times abt whether we made the right decision?Well i know its not always true but the point is IT very well could be sometimes.Yes there will be mistakes but so what? Even the most thought after plan goes straight to the pits sometimes doesnt it?

I know there are always two sides to a coin.And this theory is no exeption too. When we think we should listen to our heart it doesnt mean do the craziest of stuff it tells u.Yes it does tell u the most crazy things(stuff i am sure is best kept to ourselves).It doesn mean u can punch the guy who is just talking nonsense in a meeting while u could be
doing a host of unimportant things yourself(so what!!).It does not mean you tell some one “you look like a jerk” even though they wear a pink kurta and a red duppata(now what is that?).It does not mean you tell ppl what u really think of them (unless u really love trouble) and it sure as hell does not mean u tell ppl ” you are putting on weight” (well this one’s because i have been putting on a lot of weight and boy !! that one really hurts).

i guess what i am really trying to say is that sometimes we should let hear rule the mind and follow the lightening fast answers.It might not all be chimerical all the time.Everything need not have an answer.Everthing does not need to be logically deductible.Isnt it mind boggling that something in us ,a part of the unsophisticated US is able to provide us the perfect solution within seconds when another trained part of us is trying so hard to work out a solution. Why are we against ourselves sometimes? Why does it take so much for us to believe us ? Irony….yes thats what i think it is .