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There he was watching them all .Racing against time.Always in a hurry.Always running.Some people racing to catch the bus.Some speeding in their bikes.Some in auto rickshaws constantly looking at their watches as if that’s going to make time any slower.Everyone running in the race for time hoping they win over it this time.

He had seen so many of them chilling out in the very same place.They were with people they love,their friends.their parents,their children.They used to just enjoy a nice evening.Just talking,relaxing and spending time with their near and dear ones.They were SPENDING time not saving it.How long had it been since he last saw someone spend time with someone they love here?Its seemed like eons had passed since then.”Has it been that long “, he wondered.Not by his standards.

What had come over these people?How did they forget the happy times they had when they spent time with people they loved? Dont they miss that?Is he the only one who misses those moments? Why have they fallen prey to this fast life? Why have they succumbed willingly to this monster which sucks out every living moment out of them? What does it leave them with? Money? “Yeah maybe” he thought.And what price did they pay for that.TIME.
Time with people who matter the most to them.He often wondered if people actually realised this.Because if they did he could not fathom why they would continue to live like this. .

He just wished he could turn back time.He yearned to have all his friends standing next to him All those years he had been happy,20 great years, very small age for his kind.All those years came back flooding to him as the axe was in his trunk.Yes, they had come to pull him down like they did to all his other friends.He guessed there was a highway coming.And he proved to be a discomfort.Or some other stupid reason.But he cared less.He wasn’t going to ramble on about how ungrateful humans were.He wasn’t going to try and remind them of all the wonderful times they had had picnicking beneath him and his other friends.He could still hear their laughter and merriment amidst the rustling of his leaves.He was happy ,happy that he had been a part of that life.A life where people were important,where time was a luxury. He wanted to be happy when he fell.

There he was watching them all .Racing against time.Always in a hurry.Always running.
Before he fell he just hoped that if he was reborn he would want to be in a world where people cared more about their loved ones and less about the invincible TIME.He hoped that they would realise that time will always be running out.He hoped that instead of trying to chase it, they just relished every little moment of it.Because then they become the masters of time.Because then when it actually does run out they don’t feel lost but feel as though they conquered it.He just hoped that when they fell they felt like him.No remorse.No regrets.Happy to have lived among good people ,great friends,people who loved being with them.He just hoped they felt like he felt now. COMPLETE.


His fingers played on the piano .It seemed effortless for him to play on.It always was when he wrote a song thinking about her.He never felt like he was writing a song.It was like speaking to her,looking at her serene face.”Beautiful” did not do any justice to her.Words could never describe her.She was one of those that literature could not comprehend.That’s why there has not been a word yet to describe her.

To him she was the sparkle that he saw in the moon on a full moon day,the tranquility he felt around the mountains, the radiance of the early morning sunrise,the enchanting sunset,the picturesque rainbow,the first drops of rain,the morning dew.Did they appear less desirable when she was next to them?Or was it because of her that they looked enchanting.He never knew.

There was a quality about that face.It made him forget his sorrows ,his grief,his sufferings,his fear and filled him with happiness.Happiness that knew no bounds.He had lost much but he had her.And that seemed to have more than made up for his loss.Nothing was amiss when he looked at that face.His problems seemed inconsequential before that bewitching smile of hers.He never felt deficient of anything when he thought of her.He felt he could conquer all of his sorrows.He had everything.He felt complete.

And this song was for her.Like all his previous songs had been for the past ten years.She was the melody in his songs,the emotions of his songs.She was the soul of his songs. She was present in every one of his notes..the high.. the low.. every single one of them.

He heard the door knob turn.yes it was her..he knew it. he always felt her presence.It felt like MAGIC.It always did.She had come to take him for dinner. Slowly he moved and picked up his guide. She took his hand and led him out of the room. He knew she was looking at him. He never worried about not being able to see the world again.The full moon ,the mountains, the sunrise,the sunset,the rainbow,the first drops of rain,the morning dew.Everything he loved seeing.He saw them all . In her face. He could always see her face.God might have taken away his sight,but he could never take her vision away.No one could ever.It was etched in his memory.Forever and ever.He walked with her humming his song.

“Its beautiful” she said.
“Not even remotely close to you,not in a million years”,he said.
His world was never dark.How could it be? When she brought in all the radiance.

p.s:It not about what we don’t have,Its always about what we do have.

What? You are not an engineer???????

Source code,Debug,Build,Test,MSEXCEL,Cut,Copy,Paste.

Sounds familiar.Could be lives for many.Who else but the famed s/w engineer.The profession is more a status symbol these days.Its as though other jobs dint exist or they simply are not worth it.

Lady1: So how did your son fare in 12th?

Lady2: Oh not very high only 1165/1200.Lost some marks in language u know.

Lady1: Oh too bad.My son scored 1189.He will get in to the top engineering colleges for sure.

Lady2: Oh that’s gr8.My son too might get in the next level colleges.Heard Raaji’s son got only 1140.And apparently wants to do some interior designing course.(with disgust written all over her face as though interior designers were untouchables)

Lady1:What?What is that? i have never heard of that before.I am sure that boy is not very bright u know.Maybe his scores are so low that he will never an admit to a engineering college(yeah that’s a problem ,we have engineering colleges in every street corner now)

Heard that before? Well of course u have.We are churning out engineers in such gigantic numbers that in the near future everyone will be a engineer.

hi , i am vidhya.I am an artist but studied engineering.
I am vinod.Working as a chef in a five star hotel.I have an engineering degree though.
I am oh forget the name, an ad film again.
Hi, i have my own tea shop near a s/w company.Did i mention i am engineer too??

Engineering would almost become like an addition to school.We will have LK.G,U.K.G ,1 std …12th std( u really thought ill count till 12 dint ya.. well i am a shocker)then 4 years of undergrad.We might soon have engineering schools offering discount.Year end sale.Grab a seat for half the price. Aadi thallupadi oru seat vangina oru seat freeeeeeee.The biggest discount you will get is choosing your stream.Full freedom to do that.Come on we are a free land.Largest democracy aren’t we?

We have this great phobia towards venturing into untested waters.Yes we are too scared to delve in to unknown territory.How many of us know people who are doing diverse and exciting things.Would not be more than the fingers in your one hand.And even if u do,they sure must have had a tough time explaining their decision not to do engineering to every tom,dick and harry.

So our simple logic.Do what everyone around u is doing.Finish 12th.Do engineering.Get in to a s/w firm through campus.Think u have moved the mountains.Get bloated with pride all throught your final year.join work.Oh wait a minute did someone just prick u with a pin.Yeah wake up to reality and go around screaming from rooftops that ur work doesn’t excite you. Then u think that everyone around u is doing the same.”so what? that’s wat everyone’s doing” and you go on with your life.

But honestly would u not love being someone else.Don’t we all fantasize doing something else with our lives, where a job is not a job because it gives u the much needed and the most misunderstood synonym of success,money,but because u would love getting up in the morning and saying..”yeah baby i am going to work”.

Ask me ,would i chuck my job and do what i really want to do.NO.why? honestly i don’t know what i really want to do.And i know many people who would fall in to my category.But do i want to do that? yes very badly.So what do i do?well methinks explore yourself.You think u have a vocation that you would like to pursue,go ahead and do it. Stop spending all your 14 hours in that cubicle of yours not to mention all the saturdays and sundays. Go out spend some time for yourself.Maybe it will hit u one fine day and u can be what u really like being.If it doesnt
its really allright.Because u did what u wanted to do,what made u happy,what did not make u feel like “my life is one hell of a bore, the same work,same people,same stupid comp and sometimes even the same wallpaper”.Yes that’s a great indication of a bored life.Same wallpaper!!!

Finding happiness is like finding yourself. You don’t find happiness, you make happiness. You choose happiness. Self-actualization is a process of discovering who you are, who you want to be and paving the way to happiness by doing what brings YOU the most meaning and contentment to your life over the long run. “—from net

Makes a lot of sense does it not???

So finally i saw GURU.The much awaited release of the year.Of course it is considering its mani ratnam.I think the man’s a genius.Anyone who makes films like nayagan, roja or even the simple but evergreen mouna ragam is a genius.So yeah i did go with a lot of expectations.And well the verdict.It was good hmm but not gr8.I guess thts the problem with a mani ratnam or a kamal hassan film. we just expect them to churn out the most inspiring films and want to feel goosebumps throughout the film.
Guru is inspiring,in parts.Its great to see tht this small time village boy has so much grit in him and so much confidence in himself.He believes he can win anyone and simply doesn’t give up.That is just awesome.And the best part was he is not portrayed as this ideal person who overflows with good persona.Nope he is an average guy who wants to make it big and puts himself first,a very real characterization.

The pluses well there’s abishek (before all u guys go “oh so whats new,another girl crooning over abi“).Well yeah u are right abt the crooning part;-).But i really think he was awesome.It dint seem like he was acting.He was Gurukanth desai.Right from the first to the last frame.This is definetely his BEST performance so far.Esp after dhoom2 which was one hell of a debacle.I mean what was the deal with his expression?Why did he had to look like tht throught the film??Maybe it was because of ash and hrithik?If tht was the case then i can empathize with him.Hrithik was down right HOT and delicious.Poor abi.but all tht’s over and done with.Gurukanth Desai was mind blowing.Seriously.

A.R.Rahman,i just dont have words for this man.I often go for a toss wondering who is better,arr or illayaraja.It changes alternatively,when i listen to an 80’s classic from illayaraja its him all the way.I am like wow, what music.And then arr comes out with a gr8 album like guru and bamm its arr who’s the best.The background music is simply awesome.Think of all the superlatives u can for good great amazing and thats how the background score is.The jaage song is unbelievable.If not for anything see the film for the music.Thts the primary reason u do get goosebumps.

minus .. hmmm well it is a little slow .And its not filled with incidents or actions tht make u sit up.Even the scene where he dumps his goods in the IAS officer house ,you are reminded of the scene in nayagan and this seems not so gr8.The ending was especially a let down.I mean yeah his talk was good and everything and he did explain his stand.But not a

gr8 message was it? I mean i had to do it because u have to break rules to get to top in this country.Somehow i couldn accept it.Its a personal choice.And comparing his situation to Gandhi was too much come on what was that abt???

On the whole a must watch movie.y?
a.Mani ratnam(its like Charles dickens,every1 buys one intending to read it) so u gotta see it.
Becomes an ego issue.U have to face questions like “u dint see guru yet??? and if u are a movie buff like i am believe me it hurts!!!
d.Rajeev menon

Music is what feelings sound like

Its been almost a year now since tht last blog..well my first one too hehe…so i keep wondering y i dint post anything else after tht… well i got busy u know my job(yawn!!! )…seriously i dont know .. i guess i always wanted to blog, then one fine day i did and just vanished … well i am back now…and determined to stay and trouble ppl with my posts…(yup i do make ppl read them at gun point)

After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

Is that not so true??what is it abt music tht makes everyone love it… i mean there ‘s no one who can say they don’t like music…something abt it .. the mystical quality tht its got… it makes u laugh ,cry,inspires u and evokes a flurry of emotions tht nothing else ever can…well i am a music maniac too … and a trained one… like in every other tamil brahmin household i was sent to learn music and dance( yeah right!!! and that’s best forgotten). i used to hate having to get ready for my class.plain lazy that is.But then once i was there and started my lessons it was amazing how i could get so wrapped up in it and forget all abt myself and the ppl around and just enjoy it .. not many things in life tht make u feel tht way…

The problem is we always think we are okay but not gr8 …so what ?? so what if u dint bag the first prizes always in school or college competitions?? so what if u don’t sound like a lata mangeshkar who can reach the highest of chords(man tht is awesome!!!)?? There s beauty in everything.. we just need an open mind and oodles of confidence…Its always a little talent with enormous amount of training and and sheer confidence tht makes u good…everyone learns don’t they?? well come on who thought simran could act really act..she was quite a shocker in kannathil muthamittal…

well yeah most of us have a problem accepting us for what we are.. we always think the other person is better… and experiences teach us otherwise… actually we are quite awesome ourselves.. we just dont know it YET…

And i write this blog on the day me and my five colleagues from office have released a music album(yeah baby!!!!!!!) called aruwi for the social organization aruwi.Its a place for destitute children and old people…Its our little contribution to the org and a lot of pride tht my name s on a record!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yipeeeeeeeeeee.. .nothing beats tht.. and all of u out there if u know me go right ahead and buy it ..did i mention gun point????