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War of the Worlds

Apocalypse would not have bothered her at that minute.It was the war that she was fighting that was worth everything.Coming to think of it she was never a great fighter. I mean the fight-till-your -last-breath really did not amuse her.What would you do if you fight till the last breath and end up losing it. Frankly not worth it is it? Quite a risk if you ask me.

This was different. This was no fight.It was war and even though she had lost innumerable times she had decided that she was not going to give up this time. Really was it innumerable? She tried counting..… well not really innumerable lets just say the numbers were quite high that were embarrassing. OK if you guys insist so much on knowing ,well every time there has ever been a fight. Happy!!. Really she was quite the honest person.

She knew for a fact that this war could not be won on brawl. So she had to think and think fast and act even faster.It was time to prove her mettle. It was time to show the world that that her mind was a tiger on prowl. It was time to stop this dribble with words and actually do something like go to the next line. Just then it happened.She knew victory was hers if she played the cards carefully. Between their embroiled hands one of them had accidentally done it. “Isn’t that your favourite actress” she said to her brother looking at the television screen The damsel was posing to the cameras in quite what shall we say a questionable outfit. His grip loosened for a split second. That was enough for her to act. It was hers. The TV remote was hers. She hugged it tight like the Oscar or something and one could almost hear her say “my precious”.

She looked it her brother’s shocked face, yeah the face that you have when u lose out on a war and told him “elementary my dear boy! elementary” and switched the channel from the soccer match to The Oprah Winfrey Show.

கண்ணீர் கண்ணீர்

எதயும் தாங்கும் இதயம் என்று யார் சொன்னாளோ அவா அம்மாவை மனசுல வைத்து தான் சொல்லிர்கணும். நினைக்கும்போதே சுரேஷூக்கு மெய் சிலிர்த்தது..எவளோ கஷ்டம், எவளோ பாரம் . எல்லா கஷ்டமும் அவளுக்கே வந்தது போல இருந்தது
சமுதாயத்தின் மூடநம்பிக்கைக்கு இறையாகி,உலகம் தெரியாத சின்ன வயசுல மனம் முடித்துவைத்தார்கள் அவளுக்கு கொஞ்சம் கூட இஷ்டமில்லை ஆனால் ஒரு சொட்டு கண்ணீர் விட வில்லை அப்போது, என் பெரியம்மா சொல்லுவாள். பெருமாள் என்ன தான் கணக்கு போட றாரோ சுரேஷ் பிறந்து சில நாட்களிலேயே அவன் அப்பா தவறி விட்டார் .விதவை என்று பட்டம் சூட்டினார்கள். ஏக பட்ட கட்டுப்பாடுகள் போட்டார்கள்.எதயும் ஒரு பொருட்டாக மதிக்காமல் எவ்வளோவோ சின்ன சின்ன கைததொழில்கள் செய்து படிகவைத்தாள் சுரேஷை. அவனும் நிலமையை புரிந்துகொண்டு நன்றாகவே படித்தான். இப்போது கை நெறய சம்பாதித்தான் அவனது ஒரே கனவு அம்மா என்றுமே கஷ்டப்பட கூடாது என்பது தான் .அவள் எப்பொழுதுமே சிறித்துக்கொண்டே இருக்கவேண்டும் என்பது தான் .
ஆனால் யாராலையும் செய்ய முடியாததை இந்த அபியும் செல்வியும் செய்தார்கள் எப்போதும் இவர்களை கண்டு கண்ணீர் தான் .இந்த மெகா செரியல்களை முதல்ல அழிக்க வேண்டும் என்று நினைத்துகொண்டான் “அம்மா சாப்பாடு போடு” என்றான். “இரு டா, செல்வி சாப்பாடு ல விஷம் வெச்சு டா என்ன ஆகா போர்தோ” என்றாள். பிரமாதம் என்று நினைத்து கொண்டு சாதம் பரிமறிக்கொண்டான்.
p.s : My first tamil post. Please forgive any errors.And all my non-tamil reading junta kindly adjust. :-)

Pearls Of Friendship

He was in quite a fix. She had nailed him. Looks like he was going to lose. God it felt bad losing to her.I mean how many games had he won. This was his game. His turf.People had lost to him in hordes and vowed never to play the game with him ever gain.He knew every rule of the game. He knew how to bend every rule of the game to to emerge as a winner. But here he was losing out to her.

He had to agree that she was good. Too good. She gave him a run for his money. In what was always touted to be a man’s game she was beating him and she was beating him to shame.He had to agree she played with her mind and she calculated everyone one of her moves. He had underestimated her ,grossly.And now he was paying for it.

Oh but wait a minute, he had found a loophole. He had not been playing this game all along for losing to a woman did he? His friend Duriyodhan and Shakuni uncle ‘s influence was indeed not lost on him.There he had her cornered. There was no way she could win now. How he enjoyed her company. He was so glad that they had this beautiful friendship. The purity of it was what made him so proud.He respected her so much. She carried with her the aplomb of a queen and shared an amazing friendship with him. He respected friendship more than anything ,he had given up everything including the strong sense of morale that he had for his friend Duriyodhan.To him it was atop everything else. To him friendship was sacrament,above anything ,any god.It only made him feel happier that she ,the wife of his greatest friend was such a great friend to him herself.

He found her leaving the game. “Where are you going, afraid you are losing out?”. he cried out, when she started moving away . “Ofcourse not, I just think this game is such a waste of my time “, she said twisting her lips in a way that cried out loud that she was unabashedly lying and was smiling about it too. “Well,not so fast” he said, stretching out his hand and tried to stop her. He did not quite realise what he did at that instant, in his anxious moment to stop her from moving away he caught the ornament that embellished her waist . Notwithstanding his sudden movement and the strength of it the ornament fell apart and the pearls that made up the ornament dropped to the ground . The sound echoed throughout the halls and it never seemed to end. If this was not shocking enough , his friend ,his alter ego walked in through the queens chambers at the same moment.

He was shattered. What had he done? How could he have committed such an act? He stood so low in his friend’s eyes now. Duriyodhan who had given him respect in front of people’s eyes , he who had changed him from a mere chariot rider’s son to a king , he who trusted him with his life will now abhor him. He will disown him and rightfully so after what he had done. She was his friend and it was an involuntary moment to stop her, nothing more, but how would it have looked to the outside world, to his friend’s eyes. He could not bear to imagine it.His whole world came crashing down . And so did hers when he shot a glance at her. She was mortified.It was written all over her face. He could understand her feelings , a women‘s feelings.

He then saw Duriyodhan‘s lips move. He thought he dint hear it right for a moment

” Shall I pick them up or braid them toghether

The next moment he was embracing him. This he thought was friendship.THis he thought was worth giving up everything he had got. His mother, his brothers, his very own life.

p.s : I am pasting the quote in Tamil below. One of the most beautiful lines i have ever read. Its the translated version that u see above

சிதறிய முத்துக்களை எடுக்கவா கோர்க்கவா ?

“Sidhariya Mutthukalai Edukkava Korkkava”

p.s :Adapted from Mahabharata. One of the many millions of short stories found in Mahabharata.

Colour yourself

Colours add spice to our life. Colours depict your mood. Colours even tell a little something about yourself. So what does this colour mean to you. Is it the culmination of all colours and hence the king of them all? Or is it the absence of everything ,a mere void? A symbol of nothingness.
What does it mean to YOU????? This colour.

Gods must be crazy!!!!

So it was that time of the year again…I was waiting for my turn. Being one of the senior most i would be the first one to be called in. I had a thousand errands to run but still this kind of topped the list. Who am i kidding It would mean a good hike . If everything went well that is. Sacchu would be really happy.Okay here we go my turn came up.

Shiv : hey come on in. You anxious or what?

Me : (ahem only so much that the heavens might fall down) No not at all shiv.

Shiv : Its been a great year and I am really proud of your work, I must say

Me : (so bloated up that my head was ten times my body size) Thanks Shiv . That’s great to hear.

Shiv : Some of your developments have proven to be really good. Customer satisfaction is pretty high too.

Me: (Is this for real wow man, I am on a roll,trying to act supremely normal and failing completely in that attempt ) That’s wonderful

Shiv : However..

Me : (There it was. How can a meeting go on without a however, but ,inspite of and many more of these conjunctions. Conjunctions of doom I call them. Why does there have to be a however? It might be wise to mention the head size now. Well lets just say it was on its way becoming normal)


Shiv : Its imperative for one to take upon a holistic perspective.

Me : (All I could think was blah blah blah!!! more manangement crap , holistic perspective my .. ok not really the time to tread down the swear path.)

Shiv : …. So I have to look at how well your personal objectives have blended with the organization’s and what little extra you have brought to your work this time around.

Me : Little extra (what an oxymoron) I am sorry shiv I am losing you.

Shiv : Well what innovative or creative have u done this past year that would help me rate you a peg above the others .That’s what i mean.

Me : What ? I mean how can that be the main yardstick . Where is the opportunity to do that shiv. ( Head by now quite the size of a bee )

Shiv : Instead of asking me why ? Ask yourself Why not?

Me :(What kind of a reply is that now.. and here I am shooing off the temptation to go down the swear path ) Ahem i am sorry what? (Yeah that sounded pitiable, quite pitiable)

Shiv :Well the thing is Brahma I can give you only a normal rating cause the work you have done is great but nothing really creative , new or extra for me to rate you higher.

Me :( anger boiling up like a kettle and had my little speech ready . Was going to give him a piece of my mind. )

Creative indeed. What am i supposed to do ?
Create babies with ten pairs of eyes, 4 pairs of hands and 2 pairs of legs, Give them 2 brains oh wait a minute one seems quite a waste . Hmm maybe i should recycle brains most dont use them anyways. Innovative really… Be ready people for some really different evolution this year..

Oh dont look like that I dint tell him ofcourse. Just removed the brackets so that I could make you think I did.Ahh come on dont judge me now , this was my only fun!!!

” Ok Lord shiva thanks.”(Thanks now why didI say that.. well who am I kidding he is in charge of destruction you know)

Walking back from kailash to my home abode. Sarawasthi isn’t going to be pleased. Well lets just hope her performance appraisal went better.

On reaching home

Me :Hey, Can i have a cup of coffee i have headaches in all my four heads.
Saraswathi :Yeah
Me : So what happened to your appraisal?
Saraswathi : Dont ask . They changed my domain . I have to learn electric guitar now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s :Totally fictitious. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is accidental
( only because it might resemble a zillion people)