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It’s not about winning.
It’s about never ever giving up.
Because then you emerge a winner!

The story is AWAKENING

Yours !(Forever)

All Good Things Come To An End.

Well the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this is “Why the hell should it?”
I mean really what is the logic behind it. Its certainly not something anyone is going to appreciate. Who would want to let go of anything that’s even remotely good when the chances of anything good happening is almost always zilch. And what really comes out of it , the good thing that comes to an end ? Nothing really. It just makes you feel down in the dumps and takes you ages to get back to normal and again you have bouts of bad times. So really whats so good about good things not lasting long ?

Maybe its because then you really appreciate the good things that happen to you later on. Well you know the getting perspective thing.Well I thought about it and then decided well that’s crap.Why would we want to lose something good to realise that it is good ? Well I am missing the point there.And also assume we appreciate the goodness later on, so then what ?Are those same good things going to zoom back in to our lives patting us on the head and saying “Oh baby finally you realised i was good” ? Not really right. So really what is the point?

The other school of thought is of course the “you are destined for better things”. Well obviously anyone who has a brain the size a little larger than pea will know that this is a statement fabricated for the sole purpose of making you feel better about whatever that went wrong. And really every time they say that, the little devil in you pokes fun at you saying “Deserve better things, my sweet bottom, you could not even nail this ” and as you guessed it right, it makes you a feel a tad lower.

But I think personally I will take the “deserve better ” thoery simply because it would give me the eternal elixir of hope and will help me out of my bed every morning.It would enable me to look down upon everything that did not happen to me and well give a stifled laugh thinking “Laugh all you can.. better things are happening to me”. That’s really a boost ain’t it?

So ideally, if the world I am living in is anything like utopia then I would never want the good things to come to an end. But shockingly as the world we live in is not even remotely related to utopia, like not even great grand father’s niece’s husbands’ uncle’s really hot cousin, I prefer to think that I am destined for a better things , a better life.

So the motto is Good things move aside, Grand things are on their way :-)


Here goes my First Short Story .

The Deranged.

Someone asked us to define friendship.
Peple came up with peoems and quotes.
I dint think twice.I had the shortest definition for friendship.

Totally dedicated to you dude!!

p.s: forgive me for the long path i am taking you through. I promise to figure out an easier way.
p.s.1 :It might be a little long. Please bear with it.
p.s2 :I thank the net for all the help :-) :-)

Shivaji Weightaaaa!!!

Finally.. Caught thalaivar in action on the First day… Janma sabalyam anna madhiri oru feeling… :)
So here goes my review of SHIVAJI – THE BOSS

Disclaimer : If you are looking for an unbiased,critical review of the film where in you expect the reviewer to say both the positive and negative things about the film.. ahem .. err… this is really not the place u know. I am a die hard rajini fan and this catered to my need. It was an all in all rajini film.And i Loved it baby!!!

The film is a treat to our eyes. The first thing that hit me about the film was the cinematography(apart from thalaivar though) .What clarity?What colors? Awesome. Apparently it the first film in India to have used a new technology 4 K resolution which provides higher precision. It shows . It shows. K.V. Anand. Your best ever.

If u wondered why this film is the most expensive ever you will get your answers in the first few minutes. It is the songs. Shankar has spent lavishly on every song and the effects are mind boggling. It makes you sit up and take notice. If you thought andakka kondakkari was creative then the songs in this movie will make u redefine creative. Ballellakka is a visual treat with the picturesque locations captivating you.And also nayanthara !!! Guys watch out 😉 . Wah ji Wah ji spell bounds you, What lavish sets , What clothes,Manish malhotra has done an awesome job throughout the film . Oru koodai is fun to watch,well though i thought it was a littel bit over done. But hey its thalaivar,anything is fine 😉 😉Sahana again is a masterpiece. The sets , the glasshouses ,The clothes , the everything, oh my god. Easily the best picturization i have ever seen. They mean it when they say they saved the last for the best. Adhiradikaran ,people is THE BEST rajini song ever. You cant resist an encore for that song. Wow. Now that’s a rajini song

The movie has a tight screenplay , a little overdone at places but everything accepted only because of thalaivar, he is our super hero so we can just overlook the small irkings.The script is shankar’s 10 year old baby, well i meant Indian. Pretty much the same with a lot of changes done for rajini and boy is it awesome!!!At many scenes shakar marks his stamp. You realise hey that’s a shankar touch. Yes he has not let himself to get lost in the rajini mania. Quite a feat i must say.Though these touches are few and far in between.

Comedy is the film’s forte really. Vivek delivers a great job. Quite refreshing actually sometimes. And quite inevitably he brings in his obscene jokes in too. Could have avoided those. But rajini yet again proves that he rocks in comedy , his comic timing is impeccable , even when he delivers serious lines to his nemesis he makes it funny!! vazhga thalaiva .Shriya has a pretty important role not a blink-and-u-will-miss-me role. And she does what she is supposed to do, Look pretty,petite and super hot in songs. Guys another reason to catch it 😉

And moving on to the one, the only ,rajinikanth, Right from his superstar logo on screen everything about him in the film is different.Excellent make up, so good that there are so many close up shots which do not irk u the least and you go like “wow , talk about make overs”. And he is super fit man ,in fact vivek who is more than a decade younger to him has a lot of flab he has to get rid off.His clothes are designer wear, he does his glass flipping style ever so beautifully.AS rightly pointed out by vivek he doesnt use too many punch dialogues, The few that he does use are out of the world!!! You have to watch it to believe it .Its time tested formula for rajini and the greatest thing about it is it is not tiring.Its a rajini film all the way and there s a lot of rajini for his thirsty fans out there.

So if u guys are looking for an out and out entertainer, songs ,dances,action, comedy in short if u are looking for a good old rajini film, get a ticket and watch shivaji!!!!!!!!!!

Shadows of Bliss

She wondered why this was considered so evil. The darkness that surrounded her did not by any means seem scary or wicked to her.Why was everyone afraid then ? She loved it. She seemed to be moving along with it rather she preferred to call it floating. There was something about the darkness that made her feel safe. She wondered, did not our ancestors live in darkness during the longer part of the day. Were they all scared? What made us feel so scared? Is it because we cannot see what lies beyond the darkness? Yes she decided, its the fear of the unknown that scares us.

She paced through the house in darkness with nothing but her intuitions telling her which direction to take and not hit the walls. She did not even have the mobile phone to give her the necessary light. The charge had worn out. So much for technology , these things always back out on you when you need them most.She swore under her breath.She found the candles and the candle stand that he had gifted her. She tried to remember the day when he gave it to her. It was such an adorable candle stand.She never had the heart to use them. The very thought of the day brought a smile to her face.

Darkness always had a way with emotions. It made you think of all the melancholy phases you have been through. It makes you reflect on you past, ponder over your present and build air castles of your future.You have so many thoughts racing in your mind that you are quite confounded thinking you could actually have so many !! Had there been power these thoughts would have escaped you as easily as the bug that escapes your testing..You would then be most probably watching the 250th time repeat of the same news that day in NDTV or a soap opera in which the director went mad because there were no more people in the world left for these people to get married to and then get divorced .

She lit the candle successfully after waging a war with the match box and the match sticks. He looked at her from the other side of the candle and looked at her face in the candle light. Her features seemed ever so beautiful. The darkness seemed to have accentuated her beauty. He told her “Its not fair that you look so beautiful”. She just smiled. ” Now I don’t think we need any power at all. That smile of yours just lit up the house”.
She just hit him in the head lovingly and wondered when was the last time he had told her that. well not in a really long time. She wondered what was it about darkness that made us realise the beauty in the small offings of life.Appreciating the little things that bring a smile to us.She wondered if darkness really was the absence of light, absence of happiness, devoid of life for she had not felt this happy in a really long time, she had not felt this full of life with the best of brightness.Irony, she did not think so.
p.s : G thanks for the hint that i should try this topic!!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow !!!

Tomorrow. The day symbolises eternity. Its a day of hope. A day we think everything in our planner could be accomplished.Yes,even if it was mission impossible.I often wonder what is it about tomorrow that fraughts us with so much of energy and enthusiasm and more than anything optimism and hope.Whatever we fail at today we are sure it would be fruitful tomorrow. Well does it really turn out to be truimphant is another story. But it is the feeling that we are debating.

Maybe its just one way of keeping abreast with life. A way of not succumbing to the many hurdles life imposes upon us on our every walk of life. What would life be without hope? how would we get up every morning if we thought “Darn yet another stupid bumpy day with nothing more than failures littered over my path”. Well the day might turn out to be quite a shocker and end up surprising you but you might feel really low the whole day.

It is all in the head and of course in the heart. Its how you feel that determines your day other than our usual lady luck who it seems to me is playing hide and seek with all of us and is pretty damn good at it too.If we wake up feeling good about the day then maybe it will turn out to be a good day. Or even if things did not go our way our wave of optimism would still be high so that we are able to take it and move on.It might just help us make the necessary amends and put things right.

Life is all about hope. All about knowing that things will be better than what it is now. And tomorrow is the paradigm of hope because it seems so near , so close that you feel you can almost touch it,live it.Its the vicarious feeling that tomorrow gives us that fills us with hope.A better future , a better life,a one filled with fun and laughter,a one that every one of us dream of. Its just out there at the reach of a hand. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is how we feel.

Somehow this phrase i think sums it all. Tomorrow is a brand new day!!!