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I want an Elevator!!!

Ever wondered why everything in life is got to be a struggle. I mean are there people for whom everything is a breeze ? If so have you wondered in which planet these people live in and why we are never one of them. I mean it would not kill us to have things done real easy once in a while , don’t you think ? Should everything be a fight ensued by jitters wondering what the outcome is going to be, if we are going to succeed in whatever our attempt maybe.Should every step we take on any front be necessarily an anxiety-causing one? Should the devil who whispers constantly in our ears “You might fail you know” with an exceedingly satisfied and smug look on his face always travel with us?

Why should they be steps in the first place? why cant we have elevators that just carry us to where we want?

So Steps or Elevators guys???????

Of Glasses and Goodbyes


There goes the specs. Oh no not again!! how many times will this happen to me.How many times will my specs break. Why did my brother had to hug me this hard. I have heard of bear hugs, but if there was anything called mammoth hugs that ought to be this guy’s hugs. So hard that my specs are now broken.Now i need to go the specs repair shop again for like the zillionth time and hear him lecture “Madam, you caanooot break your glasses again and again madam, you should be careful when you use them madam” and then making a wise crack “what do you do madam, sit on the glasses a ? “amam da i have no other way of amusement that i sit on my glasses and break them only to come and see your handsome face and flirt with you” I had to go trough the whole ordeal again.

So since i have established clearly that i am pissed about my glasses being broken I took the opportunity to lash out on my brother “Look what you have done now? seriously da, cha” and just went away. If he was hurt he sure dint show it.Well my brother i am sure doesnt get hurt.His prompt reply was “Get over it sis”.

There I was , in my relatives place, saying goodbye to them all, after all you don’t always go abroad for studying, you want to see everyone, don a great smile, wave a huge goodbye, hear loads of free advice, so much that if you started selling them you would become a millionaire in no time!

But then there is this feeling that you cant help but feel.The one that you have almost never experienced or taken another split second to think about.That how much you actually love them all, and how much they actually mean to you. you almost feel like hitting yourself with the oldest shoe lying around there possible for not realizing these things earlier.But then of course your better sense prevails, of course it does you don’t want to beat yourself with an old shoe do you?? and it gives you the famous “better late than never speech”. True though.

Every minute I spent with them, I devoured it. I wanted every moment recorded in my memory so that I could play it over and over again. What do we all complain so much about all the time? I just met my family, my huge big family who i have realized after donkeys years love me so much.Its implicit that your family loves you, maybe thats why you don’t think about it often. But when certain incidents do happen, it all comes to you like a sudden downpour in chennai.

It was time to go again. I was in the airport going back home to fly away saying goodbye to all my family and there my brother was coming all the way to hug me with a huge grin in his face. I let him give me his customary bear hug.

PLOP!!!! Again, and this time it was my spare glasses.

“Okay I am really sorry sis” went on my brother.
“Not at all, i ll be glad to break a hundred of them for the hug man” i said smiling and i really meant it cause i could feel my smile reach my eyes .