It was a stark contrast. She then understood what a world of difference meant. There she was looking up straining her head as much as she could, not minding the way her neck kept hurting her. Any pain was worth this sight. What baffled her most was the difference between them, and they way they both influenced her thought process. How your thoughts change with the scenes you see, the things you hear. How evanescent are they? And if your thoughts describe you, how evanescent are you?

On one side of the big dark blanket were the dazzlers. The new born ones created by man to provide for his needs and of course enhance the beauty of the place. To give it the due credit, she did think it was an amazing effort and it impressed her. Whoever said manmade spectacles aren’t worth watching! This one was. She dint really know if it would qualify as a spectacle but then she had long stopped adhering to definitions. Who made them anyways? The city was lit up, full of neon lights and various other luminous stuff. And there she was catching a glimpse of the entire city. This was what perspective was. When you are in your own tiny little apartment, you seem to be the center of everything, but when you are out having a view of your city, you are lost. Where was she? And why was she lost somewhere in the great glowing city?

Why were there always so many questions? Why did they pound her all the time? And who really is she satisfying by answering those? There’s never an end is there? It’s like a question after a question. Her mind was like a quiz master on fire. Only this one had no answers. And why did that scare her?

She just turned around and looked at the sky. Nothing could actually describe the sight. The expression a star studded sky would simply not do justice to the sight. It was a black ocean with sparklers floating all over it. She couldn’t figure out a start and an end. It seemed eternal. It was then she had all her questions flowing back to her. Having a zillion questions in her mind was never really an issue for her. Somehow this time she wasn’t scared of them. Bring it on she thought.

The big black sky did not make her feel lost, did not make her fell tiny. Isn’t that what most people say when they look at the sky at the night? She had no clue why they said that. There were hundreds of stars in the sky and not one of them was lost in the river of darkness. Every one of them made a presence. She couldn’t take her eyes of them . She kept looking at the twinkling ones at all directions. She tried figuring out which ones constitute constellations. She tried figuring out which ones weren’t twinkling. Every one of them stood out, very elegantly making a presence.

Turning down she looked at the city again. Was she really lost? Nah, she was sure she wasn’t, for she was not meant to be lost, neither is anyone else. That’s what the universe conspires to. The city which was really a teeny tiny speck in the universe made her feel lost, when the interminable sky helped her discover her presence. What a world of a difference?

Was she really lost? She dint think so. Did the one tiny little star at the far end of the sky twinkling away to glory get lost?