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Tied Up,Again

Tagged!! Here goes…

“Here’s The Challenge: Make a list of five strengths that you possess as a writer/artist. It’s not really bragging, it’s an honest assessment (forced upon you by this darn meme). Please resist the urge to enumerate your weaknesses, or even mention them in contrast to each strong point you list. Tag four other writers or artists whom you’d like to see share their strengths.”

First : I am not going to categorize my strengths as a writer. Feels like writing an exam!!
Second :Well since I am not going to categorize it there is not really a second or third. I just did that out of habit :)

At the risk of sounding cliched, I always enjoyed writing. As a kid I used to have this diary filled with stories which never got finished and poems which always had to rhyme and hence the last words in all the lines would not always make sense. It was fun. But then comes the pressure of education not to mention the over hyped “Peer pressure” that makes you join the rat race and jump in to the bandwagon beginning to run, not knowing why, not knowing the destination andthe worst of all not knowing if you really want to run!

I do not think I want to run. But am I doing it? Yes, I am. Do I know why I am running? No I don’t. I need an escape route. I need something that makes me feel that there is something more to life than just the meaningless running which I cannot stop for some reason. Well not that I do not know the reason . Lets just say I am scared to stop running and do what I want to do. And that is because I simply have no idea what I really want to do.Muddled yeah!

Writing helps me bring to paper my thoughts on everything. It gives me an individuality. It makes me stand out in a crowd. I am able to weave stories ( I would not really call them stories) lets just call them splice of life incidents out of the things I see around me.It helps me relate what I see around me and tie that to one of my thought processes.And I find that exciting.It thrills me to do something creative or atleast attempt something creative.

If you guys are thinking that the tag and what I have been saying here have as much connection as an auto and a meter in chennai, well then Kudos! I have digressed way too much only because I really dont know what my strengths are. I just found a way to translate what I see and more importantly what I feel in to sets of incidents which almost everyone goes through in their everyday life but seldom give a second thought. I try to bring about the importance of devouring and savoring certain teeny tiny moments that get lost in translation in the fast paced ever running race , LIFE.

I am tagging
Rahul,Harish,Adithya (Nah! I do know math, just decided three will do)

Poles Apart???

“So what’s your favorite chocolate? I love the five star”

“I think its the worst chocolate anyone could ever come up with. Nothing to beat fruit and nut”

“Oh that doll is just so cute, don’t you think so?”

“Its a stuffed toy, What is so cute about it, Its just a pillow with weird faces on it and which is ten times as costly as one.”

“I love this film, its so cute, what say you?”

“You know what, there are certain things I don’t think I will ever get, There is absolutely no logic in this film. There is a guy, a girl, 2 more guys, 1 more girl and they have this ever confusing, tumultuous, twisty turvy love story,where in the end no one even remembers who they fell in love with, and here you are pouring your eyes out for a bunch of losers”





“Can we go for a walk?”

“Can I watch the TV?”

“Ever wondered who would best exemplify stark contrasts?”

“wonder,Ha ha I know it, Its you and me!!”

“How do you think we will work out! We seem to be poles apart!”

“Apart?.That’s the last thing I would consider us to be. Yes we are the different poles but there is no way we are apart.Who says people with same preferences should be together. It’s the person that counts. It’s how good I feel in your presence or rather how crappy I feel in your absence. What’s the fun if you and I agree on everything. Where would the variety come from ? What will we do agreeing on every single thing ? where would our conversations go ? How will we argue? How will we fight? How will we make up after those fights?

The differences is what makes it exciting. Its the person that you are that I am in love with. The person who loves five star, the one who thinks stuffed toys are the best thing ever invented by man after the wheel, the one who loves insensible tiny little things , torch bearer of mushy romantic films which if I may add no guy will ever do,hates logic in any and everything,cannot figure left from right,gets lost at every given opportunity, has a thought process that is diametrically opposite to mine, that is the person I am in love with.Do you know why?

Because of all the differences. THese make you the person that you are. I would never want to change anything about you.Cause then you would not be the person I fell crazy in love with. I treasure the differences.It’s defines the person I am in love with.

(Her smile lit up the house) “chalk and cheese then, right?”

“Yup, And I cant get enough of the cheese, you know!!”

(pushing him away)”You know there is a great shah rukh movie going on…”

“oh no….”


p.s : Though I think its painfully evident which the guy is and which the girl is.Just in case it alternates between guy and the girl,starting with the girl.