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Up in smoke

Dancing, Singing

and Rejoicing

celebrating the

occasion of life

up in the castle!

Sound of laughter


any remnants

any reminiscence

of any languish ever

up in the castle!

Here I go running

with an end in mind

of un-doing unhappiness

of finding the castle

where despair

has no room

A lifetime gone in

theĀ  journey

in pursuit of the castle

in pursuit of happiness

Only to see the

castle gone up in smoke

Only to wake up

from a dream

Flickering Stability

Wavering, a little to the left and now more to the right,sometimes almost out but then resurrecting itself in to an almost prairie fire.Then buckling down in to an almost negligible flame.The same pattern would then repeat itself.Watching it was way more interesting than watching the usual sitcoms that he was used to.Life’s luxuries had a flip side to it, in the sense they made you miss out on the tiny lessons that nature provides and thus missĀ  the greater joy.

So did it mean that when the candle stabilized its flame, it had achieved what it set out to achieve in the first place ? Did it mean it was stable ? If so, is that good ? Is that what we should all strive to be ? Stable ? Figure out all our issues, wax and wane on them , stumble upon a solution and stabilize.

What really is the fun in that ? Stability ? And what if stability is just an illusion , a temporary recourse that nature provides the candle and then wavering is just an inevitable event that would eventually follow ? Maybe the wavering is fun, figuring out the infinite possibilities and fighting with them all in the actual goal of life. Maybe we all have goal of our life wrong, he thought . why should it be the destination that is final goal ? Maybe its the cheat code in the game of life that we all miss to acquire. Its the waxing and waning , figuring out our way through the jumbled maze of life that is the purpose. Its finding time to go for a walk in the twilight,talk to old friends and reminsence, spend time with family,pursue your interests like painting even if your painting abilities would not stand a chance before a kindergarden kid.

It was nice to be in this dark with just a candle flickering next to him. It helped him gain perspective.Maybe the darkness is not so bad after all. A single flame which was not very sure of its lifetime told him how inspite of a long life ahead, he was not living it at all. Life had a great teacher. Irony.

Suddenly he was blinded by light. His HD television started off again.The fan above him started rotating with all its might. His latest iPhone started screaming out loud demanding his attention.It took him a moment to come to this world.

“Yes,Atul here”.

“Yes, sir, I can talk”.

“No , sir, I am not busy this weekend, I can work”.

“Yes, and i will get this months goal setting done”.

“Good night sir”

He turned to see the candle. The flame had gone out.It seemed meaningful though. Its journey,its life.

Yes,Darkness seemed much better.