Its been a really long time since I did this. The whole so what is your perspective thing.

Events that happened recently have been wanting me to pen down this and see what others think. Cause that’s the only way you know if you think just like the others or you just forgot to collect your brains from god when he sent you down.

So change, we have seen it, we have even studied about it and most of all witnessed it and never get amazed at it. You go to a place after a long time and you immediately go ” Wow so many things have changed”. Or you see this kid after some 5 years and you are like ” Oh my god, you have changed, look at you all grown up” . Duh! What else do you expect.

In a way we all expect change but it just becomes to hard to accept it. So what it is that makes it hard to accept change? People change , thier priorities change, their attitudes change. Why is it so hard to accept it then ?

And when is change good ? does it make sense when you forget your basic manners because you think you hit lottery and you never need you friends in life? Does it make sense to forget old friends because you got a new thing going on in your life? Does it make sense to forget what civility is ?

If the above things have a negative connotation to it, it was not intended. I guess what is wrong to me can be right to another person. Quite obviously that’s why is always 2 sides to a coin.But as an individual how should we cope with change ? What the things to follow to both succumb to change that happens to you and accept people’s ways with you because of change? What is acceptable and what is not?

My theory is

You cant fight it. Grow with it. Dont loose your roots. Try not to hurt people around you consiously. Then I think you are good. Its no Gandhi , its probably what our parents taught us growing up.

For accepting it, unless others who have fallen prey to change really badly go overboard and begin to really piss you off, give them the benefit of the doubt. They probably have a reason to do what they are doing.Give them a chance.

Like I said, pen down your thoughts. Cause if I indeed did leave my brains behind, I need to do serious damage control!!