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It is purpose that created us. Purpose that connects us. Purpose that pulls us. That guide us. That drive us. It is purpose that defines. Purpose that binds us.We’re not here because we’re free; we’re here because we’re not free. There’s no escaping reason, no denying purpose, because as we know, without purpose, we would not exist”


I do not dispute this simply because I do not have strong grounds for doing so. But it does makes me wonder.

Why are so we bent on having a purpose ? Why is a purpose so important ? Because we can tell ourselves that the lives we lead are meanigful? Because at the end of something we tell ourselves that this is what we were destined to do. ? I do not know. I am questioning it.

If reason is allmighty , do we just believe in reason, not knowing what or in which form it exists. Is it just faith? That is how I will equate all mighty. And if it is so, then does that not contradict the entire meaning of reason. It does not make sense to me to say that , there is a reason , just that you dont know it and Oh! by the way, you can search all you want and still wont find it. Its not reason then. Its just faith.Call it that, and I will gladly agree cause I believe in faith. If you consider reason as you religion, i would be more than happy to accept it.

Why does one need purpose? And if one indeed has a purpose who decided what a purpose is. At one time  the best software was supposed to be the one which had the most features not necessarily the most easy to use or flexible, but just a number. Is the perception of a good purpose that? So is it a good purpose if you had to go to combodia and work for children welfare and poor one if you work in a software firm in India?

I dont think you need a purpose, but I think you need the power of perception and integrity . Maybe they lead to purpose, maybe they dont. As long as you think your actions can bring a smile to another person, you probably have a purpose. And going by the whole purpose bug, maybe sitting in a corner of a temple and begging was a person’s purpose if you believe in the whole theory of paying for the sins in your previous births.

You do not need purpose to make you feel that your life is meaningful. You do not need to encode and decode the reason for every single step you make in your life. All you need to know is that one step or atleast a few steps that you take make a difference to someone. All you need to know is that you do not consciously hurt someone. All you need to know is you are committed to your sense of right and wrong.

You do not need a purpose. Maybe we were never meant to have a purpose, Maybe it is an illusion to make you do good and live a contented life. Or maybe it is something to  befuddle you and take you through a wild goose chase.

There’s no escaping reason, no denying purpose, if  reason is your FAITH”

Miracle Maker

Those who believe in them expect them to happen


Those who dont wish they would happen

The story is Miracle Maker