So, another farewell and another day of reliving memories, another day wondering why things change , another day when you hate changes, another day when you swear to yourself that you will not let changes affect you. All in vain.

On a positive note though, its another day when you realize why some people are worth all the questions that come in your mind, why some people are worth all the sorrow and simply why some people are worth being missed!

Being a simple person who just wants good times to be back, I just want UG 839 and 821 to be back and want the fall and spring 2008 to be back.

Bhaiyya, Hari,Rahul, Akshay,Sriram,Vijay,Waj,Srivi. You will all be missed. Tons.I just wish time could have frozen with fall 2008.

For you all a thousand time over! ( Kite Runner )