We  all have our everyday lives . The usual rush, the excitement, the eventful days, the uneventful ones,the lazy ones, nevertheless all a part of our own lives. And it is absolutely possible to get warped in to it. In fact getting warped in to it is inevitable. But then there are those few moments that escape the rush, the paranoia , the never ending run of the monotonous lives that make us think. The moments that ask us questions. Questions about who we are, what are we doing, why are we constantly running and what are we running towards? Questions that make us wonder if what we are doing is worth it. If its worth living a life that is miles away from family. If all the luxuries and wealth mean anything. Whilst we might not have answers to those questions, I believe there are ways in which we can give these questions a nice fat retort that will have them tongue tied .

It is to touch other lives in a positive way. Everybody has something which can make another soul happy. Everyone can make a small positive impact on another person’s life. Every life touched is a life worth living for. As I say this I think of an organization that is striving to make a difference in people’s lives.

Asset India foundation

I came to know of Asset India foundation during my grad school days in University of Arizona. The daughter of the dean of Engineering had pioneered this program. Asset strives to provide a better life to children of sex workers by making them computer literate.

I don’t think the ones who have had a normal wholesome childhood can even imagine the gory details of the lives these children have lived. The organization’s main goal is to prevent these children from going in to the same profession as their mothers. Education is the only way that this can be avoided. Asset goes a step further and believes in making the children IT literate. After all even a help desk job today is not without technology. Asset also focuses on using Microfinance to help these sex workers start and run their own technology affiliated small business thus freeing them the perils of their past.

How can we help?

The fast and the most easiest way to help this foundations for those who do not have the time to participate directly is to donate. Someone once asked me why it takes us such a long time to decide whether we should donate while we do not bat an eyelid for a new dress or a fancy dinner. The reason is when we want to spend for someone else, we want to make sure, its worth it. I agree. Go through their website, call people, talk to people involved. If it seems like something that you would like to be a part of, don’t bat an eyelid.

However if you are one of the lucky ones who stays in one of Asset’s working locations and think you can spend some time teaching these kids communication of computers or anything else please contact Asset and you can be a volunteer or even an intern.

Remember those questions that keep coming back and interrupt us making us wonder if we are just another face in the world or if our lives mean something?

The big fat retort that will drive away those questions are actions like these.Cause YOU have contributed towards making someone’s life a tad better. YOU are variable in the equation of happiness of some other soul. You did a small part to put a smile on faceless person who wants to bid goodbye to a life of misery.

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