I readied myself for a boring and long flight journey. I had religiously listened to the flight attendant’s safety demonstration. I checked my seat belts to see if they had been fastened. I had my new book that I wanted to finish in my hand. I gave myself time until the flight took off and reached the required altitude for the captain to switch the seat belt sign off. I was all set to start reading when I saw the look.

This man sitting four seats in front of me suddenly got up. I soon found out that he had gotten up to give way for the lady sitting right next to him. He swiftly got up and quickly turned around to face the direction in which she was moving. As she moved past him to the rest area, he kept looking at her. It was the most queer look, I tell you. I was just glancing around before I opened my book, but his look did not let me look past it. He was looking at her in the strangest way possible.

I tried figuring out what that look could be. Was it one of anger? Or was it an expression of being confounded? Was he scared? I did not know. It was a very questionable look. It could be an amalgamation of any of the above. It made me think if all our expressions can be directly compared to a feeling. Maybe he was in-between feeling anger and confusion. Whatever it was, it was the strangest thing ever. And for some reason I could not look away from his look. He never sat until the lady came back. Something told me they knew one another. He had the same frozen look when she came towards him. She did not seem to mind his look. May be she was used to it. Maybe that’s a very common thing for her. She just went back to her sear and sat down and soon our man with the weird expression sat down too.

For some reason, I could not stop thinking about that look in his eyes. It had been a long time since I had seen anything that intense. The pair of eyes came close to one another and the eyebrows as though knowing the eye’s moment rose up and paved way for the eyes. At the same time as though in planned synchronization his lips moved slightly to the right. The eyelids forgot their duty of periodically closing and protecting the eyes. All of them froze. The look somehow got etched in my memory. Something made me think that the lady was in some kind of danger, mortal peril. It is probably the most stupid of thoughts. But the look gave me the chill. I immediately shrugged my shoulders and shook my head in an attempt to shake the memory out of mind. I went back to my book and got engrossed in it and even slept a while before I reached my destination.

As I walked out of the flight and went to the baggage claim, my eyes started searching for the queer man, and I found him. He had lost the expression. But I did not see the lady near him anywhere. I started looking all around did not see her anywhere. My mind went back to the look. It made me wonder if it was really the look a killer would have before he attacked his prey. But what could he have done? They were in a flight until now. My eyes kept looking trying to find the lady. I did not find the lady but my luggage distracted me by showing up in the conveyer belt. Just as I finished lifting my baggage, I heard a loud thud and people exclaiming. I looked towards the sound and found a bunch of people gathering around someone.

I expected my worst fears to come true. Oh! God! How did I know this? I dint know how, but I knew it. Should I have warned the lady? But what would I have told her? That he was going to kill her because of the way he looked at her. She would have laughed at me. But maybe, maybe I could have stopped this. Oh no! What have I done? With the burgeoning guilt eating me up, I went towards the crowd, leaned over dreading what I was going to see the next second.

The scene in front of my eyes shook me. Whatever I had seen, whatever I had felt, it did not prepare me for this. I found someone calling 911. I turned away in a gaze thinking how this had happened, and saw the lady walking out of the baggage claim with a very queer look. I knew that look. It was that of accomplishment. And thinking back I figured out what the queer look on the man was.

It must have been that of impending doom.