Whose God?

Silent sobs and high pitched melancholy cries adorned the house sandwiched by two different faiths.

Prayers of both kinds were said. Gods of both faiths were evoked.

Aryan walked to his dad and hugged him tight.

“What happened to dadaji* baba*?”

“God has taken him away from us beta”

“Whose God baba? Yours or ammi’s*?”

dadaji – Grandad , Baba –Father , Ammi -Mother

P.S :Heavily inspired from Delhi 6

Break Up

Foreword: I have been recently introduced to 55 Fiction and I found it very intriguing. So here is my first attempt. Hopefully this will be a regular feature in my blog. As of now I am calling it 55FictionSaturdays. The name is borrowed. I found it in this blog. So here goes.

“So that’s it, you want to break up? I can’t believe you” stormed out Swathi

Ram waited and then walked to the beach.

The moon played with its own reflections along with the jumping waves.

“There was a reason” said Ram extending his arm

Swathi’s smile drowned the radiance of the moon and the diamond.