Does anyone remember a life , an age where we did not have Google. An age when every information was not at the tip of your hands. An age when you did not run to the internet for everything. The before Life!

Well , I certainly do remember one such era, cause I spent a reasonable amount of time in that era. But what I absolutely cannot remember is what did I do at that time for information. I simply do not remember. I just draw a blank when I think about it.

Did I just not need the information or did I have other means to find out ? I just dont remember. For one we did not have assignments which needed so much outside information. It was all there in the textbook, learn the book, apply what you have learnt and solve the problems. And apart from homework, there was nothing that really needed the internet. There was no internet banking because people still went to banks for thier banking oeprations. There was no real email, even when email started it was more of a pride thing than anything else.

All I remember about the before life was using MS Paint and to draw pictures. It was just a source of entertainment then. Now I cannot imagine a day without my laptop. It has become the most essential thing. There is an obsession to check email like every second, as though a zillion mails come in a second. There is an insane need to have more scraps, more replies on the wall, more googling for information. It is almost like its a magic potion for continuing to live. Sometimes I think if its unicorn blood. If its causing us to lead a half life.

Technology has for a fact enriched life. Everything is easy today. Dont know a small fact, not to worry, there is google and Wiki to your help. Dont know the route to a place, dont worry , there is google maps. Do not know what the capital of Japan, again, who needs to study geography when there is Google around. It the last fact that scares me. The information outburst has almost made on apathetic to gaining knowledge. While there are a whole bunch of things that makes life so much easier , they also take away a certain very important thing . The need to possess knowledge.The pride of knowledge the small trivial things give us.

Written mails are almost vanishing now. how many of us write mails to our friends or parents? how many of us send postcards ? We dont cause its just too much effort compared to the other options we have. Try doing it once though, try sending a hand written mail and getting a response. It feels great. Somehow the easier and faster things are not the best things. By no means am I suggesting a freeze or a total take over of the online life. Like it or not, we are a part of the ever increasing online life, but if we could maybe have a balance of both, if we could give the small things a chance, it would not really be The Before Life.