To a puerile fellow human being, my adventuret would have seemed rather trifling. But ofcourse me being me, happen to know that the smallest of things are the one where the greater force fails me. Maybe its just god’s tea time joke. The jest that he enjoys with his family and friends. And they all sit around and go “Look at that loser, wow, that was funny”. Ok before you all go scratching your head, it is important that I explain the situation that provided such great entertainment to the higher abode.

There I was, thinking “Oh my, I am jolly hungry, let me get me some thing to eat , for it is lunch”. So there I went sauntering, reaching the cafeteria, which in spite of its varied food display seemed just mediocre to me. Maybe because I could not eat almost anything there due to of course all the meat. I still in a very good mood went and got myself a pizza. I was looking all around for someone to ask me ofcourse in a very polite manner as to what i needed and then get me a pizza slice, wish me a good day. Boy! was i devastated when I found no one to do the honours and I had to find a plate myself and serve the food myself. Well if this was not insulting enough, I had a tough time figuring out how to get a “t0-go” box as they say here and to my shock dint seem to find one. Just when I thought it was probably the end of the world and that I was going to die of hunger or something, a gentleman showed me where a cover was available . I thanked him like you thank an angel who just granted your wish of getting a million dollars. Must have been quite surpised ,poor chap.

I took the cover, covered my plate of pizza , took a yogurt and happily walked ahead with happy thoughts of devouring them and have my stomach full. The next moment, just like how the angel turns in to a demon and converts all your one million in to a bunch of worthless trash and laughs at you, I tripped over and down went the pizza, down down down until it hit the ground of course. There lay my lunch all over the floor with well just enough people to fill an entire house looking at me as though I was the quintessential bungling, gawky unladylike person ever to have walked the earth. I had a good mind to tell them the show was over. But the the more immediate pressing needs of clearing up the mess in front me took precedance to any other mean thoughts.

I must say I tried my best to become as small as possible and cleared up the mess and moved as fast as I could. Maybe thats when God’s kid climbed up his lap and said, “Please dad, that was so funny can you so something more, please please” and looked up at him with puppy eyes that he could not say no. That is when a nice gentleman came up with the yogurt that I had dropped and gave me the yogurt. With my hands full with a wallet, the pizza slices, I tried to get the yogurt from him and in the attempt again ended up dropping the pizza . Not that it mattered now, because I was anyways carrying them to drop in the next trash can. But to have the same thing happen twice in front of the same people and the guy who came to help was altogether a different thing. It must have been a blast up above. The kid maybe kissed god because he had such a good time.

Realizing I could not be embarrassed more, I picked up the mess again and looked up to see the gentleman smiling. I just shrugged as though it was pretty much an everyday happening for me and that I was above and beyond such petty small embarrassments. All I did was look up and say “Come on, that was it, you are losing touch” . Cause for anyone who has been through this adventure, this one was a cakewalk!

What say!

P.S : I am planning to adopt Murphy as my religion.